Sunday, November 2, 2008

MAUS II Chs. 3, 4 & 5

Hmm. Maus. I liked it but it was definitely different from the other two graphic memoirs we already read. The pictures weren't as pretty, but then again the ideas weren't very pretty either. The words were detailed+ interesting. The accents were sometimes confusing but not terrible.
The father is annoying and because i can feel the tension and aggravation within this story, i know that it somehow did it what it was supposed to do. (that and the fact that it's a pretty popular book.)
I'm not even going to bother mentioning time and motion because im not a fan of reaching back in the text and making up an example on how it could have possibly been time and motion but most likely wasn't. (Stuff just kind of happens!) But back to the dad. How aggravating! I don't mean to sound like a jerk but c'mon! He returned half eaten cereal! (which is weird on so many levels, but im also a topic.) ANYWAYS back to the dad. After all he went through with the discrimination of the jews he turns around and does it himself. After they retruend the cereal, Francoise picks up a black hitch hiker (depticted as a black dog). Vladek starts freaking out! He swears, calls the guy names, and claims that he had to watch over the food so that it wouldnt be stolen. AGH! The Holocaust really scarred him, and you'd think that he'd be more gracious towards others, especially others of a different race. (why is this?)

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Shawn said...

I guess it shows us, sometimes ignorance knows no bounds.