Monday, November 10, 2008

Finishing Persepolis

Persepolis. So let me compare this to Maus for a second. Ther're both powerful stories about war and family. Yet theyre different wars, at different times with different families. Despite these differences, its remarkable how similar they are. The frustration and misunderstandings that occur, along with anything and everything else. (now im just being vague.) Anyways, I can't say i disliked this book. I actually enjoyed it more than Maus. Satrapi added humor to her panels, where Speigelman just let things be known.

There's a lot going on in this story but i really dont feel as though she emphasizes lines. I mean, they're there; being used but nothing spectacular. The use of lines is simple but maybe thats because the story is so complex. There's so much going on that perhaps if the story is complicated, and the drawings are complicated, then we're intimidated and disinterested. Or maybe thats just the way it worked out. One question i did have though, was on page 160. It shows Marjane in the supermarket and shes overwhelmed by it actually having food. (this might just be a stupid question) but in one of the panels it shows a woman reaching for something on a higher shelf and above her is a blurb saying "aktion". Is this to emphasize the magnificance of the situation or did i miss something?

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