Thursday, November 6, 2008


Brutal. That about sums it up right? i mean here we have this small girl with a life that is incomprehensibly difficult and she hasn't even reached the age of 12. The surprising part, (for me anyways) is that she's so knowledgeable about things. (almost too much?) I have to wonder how I would be in that situation. Would i know as much? Read as much? Be as concerned? I feel like i wouldnt, but then again i really just dont know. The amount of people that walk in and out of this kids life is insane. The amount of violence she deal with on a day to day basis is insane. Her life is politics. There's no doubt about it and i really can't get over it. And things just continue to decline throughout the story...
On a more positive note.... I like the way she writes. for some reason it feels more personal than the others. She definitely includes more comic relief but i can imagine thats because the story is pretty thick.

Topic C- Synaesthetics and lines
pg 5 During the demonstrations against the veil. No bubbles. Just words being yelled back and forth. Either "the veil!" or "freedom!" (cursive writing significant?)

The lines are not as thick and dark as that of Maus but not as light as that of Bechdel's either. and the people are drawn in a simpler way than all the comics. All the other comics may have seemed simple but were more complex than we realized. This feels more like a comic. (does that make sense?) Eh. I guess what I'm trying to say is the drawings appear simple.

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