Wednesday, October 29, 2008

MAUS II Chs 1+2

Ok so I might just be ridiculous. I read Maus II first and didnt really understand what was going on. I couldn't even get into the story! Anyways, i re-read chs 1 +2 just now. Things are a bit clearer. This story is definitely a powerful one. I like the way he starts off with explaining things. He gives dates and background to a lot of stuff. My favorite is "they want to make it into a movie, (i dont wanna)." This might be a stupid question but why have him wearing a mouse mask at this part? Is there something I missed? (most likely) ANYWAYS, i feel like i have almost too much to talk about. So im going to skip around a lot.

Time and motion. Well last class we talked about how Maus I didn't really have a whole lot of examples of time and motion deptiction. What i see now, is pretty similar but what I have found is at the beginning of chapter 2 (pretty much what i was talking about above), It says "time flies" he has flies all around him (heh cool.) And he has one panel where its him, the flies and a pile of dead bodies. Hmm...
Then he takes us through the stress of dealing with this story and the publicity that comes with it. And as he does this, he gets (im assuming younger) but smaller with each panel until he caves under the pressure and cries. I like this idea.
He continues it while talking to the therapist. It's not until he leaves the office that we see 3 consecutive growth panels. (and the final product as him being normal again)
(does this blog make sense?) Other than this, im not really sure where else time and motion is laregely depicted.

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Lauren K. Hansen said...

Hahaha. You are not crazy - you have a good eye for picking up on inconsistencies in text and imagery.

I think the mouse mask was a way of connecting himself "the cartoonist" with him "the character." It is certainly a creepy effect - but it's powerful and I think it works.

Thanks for doing such a good job keeping up with these blogs!