Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Final blog

Going back to Persepolis.

Something that stood out to me with Persepolis was the intense material and simple drawings. I liked how she this. It made the read easier. Hell, if i saw her depicting a bunch of gruesome dead bodies all the time, especially with the nature of the material she was presenting, i doubt i'd want to read the book. I may be intrigued but ultimately turned off.

Another thing i noticed is that she switched between dark and light panels. Perhaps i'm wrong but she seems to use the darker panels for when she or someone else is upset.

Fun home:

I liked how Bechdel payed close attention to detail and actually used some color in her comic. Granted the color stayed a constant blue/gray but i guess you could say it lightened up the comic a bit. I mean the comic wasn't full of rainbows and butterflies but it certainly helped to see a light color as opposed to dark and oppressive lines/shading.


Speigelman was detailed but in a different way than bechdel. His comic was dark but so was the material. He used animals instead of people to ease the pain. (nice touch.) He was careful about what he was detailed with. And he wasnt afraid to depict gruesome scenes.


Thompson was abstract and it worked for him. I liked how he used his imagination.

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